zaferhan yumru

partner - digital media marketing

zaferhan yumru (a.k.a. zaf zaf) holds a b.s. in engineering from boğaziçi university, istanbul. he has worked in the fields of production, sound, and art design for multiple international feature films, documentaries and commercial projects. zaf assisted artists, such as jane birkin, madonna, disclosure, john malkovich, macy gray on their performances in istanbul. he has worked as a videographer at new york‘s bullett magazine in 2011 and as programming assistant at discovery channel, animal planet and discovery science channels in 2013. in that same year, he produced a video installation by director cressida kocienski on diyarbakir’s urban transformation, a project funded by the british council.

since 2012, zaf continues to work as the digital media coordinator and programmer at !f istanbul independent film festival.

he founded zu in september 2015 partnering up with uğur yüksel who specializes in press & public relations management for film, arts and culture industries.

photograph courtesy of: ışık kaya


zaferhan yumru