zu was found by communication professionals uğur yüksel and zaferhan yumru who have united together to provide public relations and digital media marketing services for film, arts & culture.

based out of istanbulzu‘s creative and efficient approach to brand marketing is the culmination of over ten years of experience in executing communication campaigns for film production and distribution companies, art galleries, film & music festivals, art fairs, personal exhibitions, concerts, music productions, in addition to managing personal brands of actors, artists and directors.

having a plug into the film and arts networks in turkey and abroad, zu aims to be a go-to agency for both newcomers and experienced players of the industry; providing its clients with up to date information on the turkish film production & distribution markets as well as international film festival and art fair circuits.

influenced by the famous turkish idiom ‘speak in miniscules‘, zu values humility towards its clients. speaking in small letters to them but in all capitals when it comes to spreading their word. 

what we do?
zu gets the word out there for film, arts & culture!
supports your brand from the start
zu consults you from the very beginning of your brand’s creation and development. we help you position your brand correctly, and work to personally get to know you and your brand to start building up its communication strategy.
befriend the media
zu provides tailor-made communication services for your brand such as creating and executing pr campaigns; preparing stellar press releases and making sure they appear as news and in special media editorials; organising press events; pre&after crisis management with correct and fast solutions; b2b communications and marketing.
don't get lost in the digital world
zu works for your brand in the digital world by developing strategy & content for your brand’s social media channels, designing and developing your website and putting your name on the top of the page by seo management. zu helps you develop mobile and web apps and provides consulting and education regarding social media communication strategies for persons and brands who would like to learn how to run their channels successfully on their own.
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we use words to understand each other and even, sometimes, to find each other..”José Saramago